For almost 20 years I’ve been editing professionally in film & tv.  I’ve been fortunate enough to have my work air on ESPN several times including two 30 for 30's, HBO, ABC, etc. I’ve won 2 Emmy awards for outstanding editing, and outstanding documentary series, and a prism award for best documentary. Through the years, in addition to editing,  I carved out a career for myself as a writer, producer, director, and recently have begun focusing on short documentary promos (docmos), for small businesses.  I love all aspects of production & filmmaking, and bring the same passion and enthusiasm to each project, no matter the scale or outlet.

I mainly work in long form but love short form equally. I will work on the road or at my shop on the shoreline in Connecticut. I’m collaborative, creative, intuitive and easy going. I work quickly and excel in high pressure, quick turnaround situations and I’m equally comfortable working with several clients as I am working on my own. I also have extensive experience working with sensitive material, having edited and produced projects featuring surrogate mothers, cancer patients, cystic fibrosis, addiction recovery, and burn survivors.

Currently, shopping a feature length documentary, GENERATION FOUND a film which tracks a recovery high school in Houston over the course of 2 years. I co-directed, wrote, produced and edited the film.